This is not counting, Li Haotian only feels a slight tingling of the body, and the feeling of pain comes from the mucus. The mucus is getting hotter and the light is getting stronger and stronger. Li Haotian is not good. It is sure that this mucus reacts with the clothes on his body. Otherwise, the mucus has a strong acidity and alkalinity.

The lake seemed to be calm, but there was a slow stream of water. Li Haotian used the water to drift to the depths of the lake.

He was lying in the huge eggshell and wanted to rest for a while, but he wanted to be more and more afraid.

The lake here is clear and not too far from the village, and the village is especially dirty, why not take a shower? Or move directly to the lake to live?

Recalling the little monster that had just been abused by himself, Li Haotian had a cold air in his back.

The family did not dare to approach the lake because of problems in the lake. And the giant egg hatched at the lake, it seems that the mother of the little monster is not too far from here.

“Don't you say there are monsters in this lake?” Li Haotian said to himself.

Suddenly, the water shell was turned up outside the eggshell. Li Haotian looked out from the outside and couldn’t wait to slap himself. The mouth is too poisonous, say oh. Because the surface of the water outside the eggshell is having a huge object floating out of the water, the water that is lifted up, falling like a waterfall, the small eggshell suddenly swayed far away.

The sound of the water outside was small, and the ripples on the lake were weak. Li Haotian looked out again, but saw a head like a small house. The neck had a length of seven or eight feet. The turtle's body monster floated above the water. It is exactly the same as the little monster, but it is a hundred times bigger than a hundred.










Li Haotian did not dare to struggle, did not dare to move, let the monsters watch.

Look at it will never die.

Finally, the monster snorted and placed Li Haotian on the back of the seven-eight-foot giant, and then spread his tongue and smacked him a few times, once again making a burdock and swam to the depths of the lake. And every time you swim, the monster will turn back and slap Li Haotian a few times, and gradually Li Haotian has seen it. This monster does not want to eat what he means, but the one who comes out of the eggshell is his child.

But even then, I believe that the monster will be smashed a few times, and it is not far from death.

I think that Li Haotian can't help but laugh for a while. I can't follow the monster like this. It will sooner or later find that he is not his child. It will only die even worse. Still looking for an opportunity to escape, whether this is a dream. Even in a dream, you can't die so easily, and. in case this is not a dream?

In a blink of an eye, the monster stalked Li Haotian for an hour. However, he still couldn’t see the land. Li Haotian felt that his chances of escape were getting more and more embarrassing. So he simply lay his arms on the shell of the monster and cocked it. Erlang legs, keep your eyes closed.

After a while, his heart rushed, and a strange feeling came to his mind.

The monster suddenly screamed and looked up into the air.

A dozen or so large ships shrouded in golden light flew in the air of more than twenty feet.

Flying boat? Li Haotian is crying. What kind of world is this? If he goes on like this, he will be crazy.

However, the giant ship suddenly slowed down, and then heard a boy's voice: "There seems to be a beast underneath, and the public will listen to the order and take it to the prince! This prince wants to see the beast of this beast is like this." ."

Dozens of people claimed that the huge boat flashed and hovered over the monster's head.